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  1. What are the dates and times of the radio show broadcasts?

    Our broadcasts begin at 7:00 pm EST.  Tune in at either www.ealradioshow.com and click on the icon shown on the left of the home page.  The one on the right is reserved for our future Latino Radio Show.

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Archived past shows

  1. If I miss a scheduled broadcast will I be able to find and play it at a later time?

    Yes, you will be able to seacrh by date all our broadcast and replay at your listening convenience.

  2. I can't listen to the show live. Is there a way I can download the show or listen at my leisure?

    All shows created on the site are available on demand.If you are unable to  listen live via the computer, you can listen live via the telephone. If you can't listen live at all, then all showsare available for download to your computer, iTunes, or may simply be streamedfrom the hosts Show Page for the show you would like to listen to.


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Tuning in to the broadcast

  1. How do I tune into the radio show?

    Go to the web site: www.ealradioshow.com and on the Home page you will see a player at the bottom of the page.  Click on the arrow to play and it will connect you to the broadcast

  2. Do I need any special equipment to start listening to shows on EALRadioShow?

    All that is required is a computer with high speedinternet connection to listen to live on-air shows.

    To call in to a show to ask a question or to listen, you may be chargedlong-distance charges depending on your long distance calling plan.Some callers prefer to use a VOIP service, such as our Skype for Listenersservice provided for all callers. This is a free Skype to Skype call. During alive show you will find the "Skype for Listeners" button on theepisode page.  Be sure to be logged into your Skype account and your EALRadioShowlistener account and have your headset plugged  in to make the call.


  3. Do I need my computer to listen to a live show?

    All showsare available on the website to listen to from your computer, however you maylisten via the telephone if you're away from your computer by calling thelistener dial in number for the show. You can set a  reminder notificationwhich will send you a text message that will include the show informationincluding the listener dial in number to your cell phone.


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How do I call in?

  1. How do I call in to the live broadcast ?

    At the beginning of the broadcast and often during the show you will be provided a call in mumber. The show uses the free connect service of Skype and your area code from where you are calling will appear on our producer's dashboard for a connect in order of the incomning calls. Depending on the number of callers to the show, we may not get to all the calls appearing on our dashboard.

    We may not get to your call.  We can handle up to 25 callers that call in during the show. If you do not get on remember to call in the following week.  Also, go to our "Guestbook" page and let us know if you have any special requests for future shows.

    Go to:  www.blogtalkradio.com/capteddie

    When the show is on live it will show a red "On Live Now" banner and the online show will be the first show they see on your page,

    They don't need an account to listen to shows but if they want to chat thenthey will need an account to chat, there is a link for them to register rightbelow the chat room if they want to chat.

    See this show for an example of a live show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomizerradio

    Actually, we will broadcast a Toll Free number during the broadcast that youcan use to call in live.  


  2. I called into a show and am wondering what does the host see when I press 1 using my phone?

    This is yourHand-raising Capability. When you push number 1 on your telephone handset aftercalling into a show to listen, the host will see a hand raise next to yourphone number on their switchboard. They use this to determine what listenersquestions or content to add to their show by asking them to press one on theirhandset.


  3. Can a listener call into a show without having to dial the U.S telephone number?

    Yes. EALRadioShow includes a feature on the show page which allows listenersto select the "Skype Click to Talk" button during any live show fromthe shows episode page and, through a microphone connected to the listener'scomputer, join the show as a caller. This service is free to listeners.


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  1. How do I suggest someone as a guest for the radio show?

    Simply go to your Host's member profile (Neal Holland)  and give us as much info as possible with a contact email or phone number.  Tell us why you think that person would be an interesting guests and we'll see if we can get him/her on the show.  Remember a guest will only take part in the show and take calls from the listners.  Most of the show will be allocated to our callers. 

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  1. I am a listener and do not see the "Skype to Talk" button on the episode page.

    Please, check the scheduled air date and time. The "Skype Click toTalk" button only shows up during the live episode once the episode hasbegun.


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Call Charges

  1. If I call into a show as a listener, will there be long-distance charges?

    The phonenumbers to call-in as a listener for EALRadioShow shows are New York numbers.Local/Long distance charges from your phone company will apply.


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  1. How do I become a Member

    On the Home Page click on the orange colored “Make a Donation.” Next you will be directed to the PayPal “Choose a way to pay” page. If you do not have a PayPal account you will see at the bottom of this page “Don’t have a PayPal account?” Click this link only after you have entered the amount you wish to pay ($10.00 for membership) on the top left side of the page – be sure to click the “Update” below the amount. Next you will be directed to fill out your credit card information. The PayPal method of charge along with the selection of your own credit card method is an absolutely safe transaction method.

    Should you wish to simply mail us your membership fee and information, our address is EAL Radio Show, Inc., 145 Hilden Rd., Suite 115, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081. Please include:

    Name; Address; Email; Phone; Eastern Department or connection.

    Upon receipt of the information we will complete the membership process and you will have full access to the website.

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Adding Pictures

  1. How can I add my own photo album to the website?

    Simple! Go to your profile and click on Add photos.  Then follow the procedures. You can choose you owwn cover for the album.  It will place your album among thos on the Picture Album page.

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