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Swift Air, February 23, 2018 Facebook Post

Swift Air is honored to be able to donate both the Eastern Airlines James Hartley Memorial Plaque and the Eastern Airlines Captain Edward Vernon Rickenbacker “Captain Eddie” Fountain Plaque to a museum in Miami, FL.

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Dorothy Gagnon Again on behalf of the Eastern Family, we send our sincere appreciation to Swift Air, LLC for donating these Eastern James E. Hartley memorial plaque along with "Captain Eddie's" Fountain Memorabilia. We are truly honored and send our thanks for Swift's compassionate deed of donating both historic Eastern Memorabilia to HistoryMiami Museum in Miami, FL.
Dorothy Gagnon
Bill Sablesak shared Swift Air's post.

We got them back. Great job Dorothy Gagnon, Neal Holland, REPA & EARA. Thanks to all! 👍


Eddy Joseph Siverio

All I can say Easter was the most friendly air line to work for.


Paul Kilpatrick:

Salute First Officer Hartley! Reminds me of the attempted hijacking of a FedEx DC-10. The perp was a black belt martial artist armed with clubs, knives and a speargun. A desperate fight ensued after the attacker ball penned the engineer and ripped the captain's ear off. The F/O rolled the aircraft inverted and the fight continued on the ceiling of the cockpit for awhile. When the captain recovered sufficiently to fly the aircraft, the F/O started wrestling the assailant despite having received grave wounds. The captain managed to safely land, but the fight continued until they took to the escape slides. The assailant is serving a life sentence and in a sense so are all three crew members: They sustained career ending injuries.


Chris, 2:14 PM on January 27, 2018

Thank you for adding me to the site. Mom and Dad met while they were employed at EAL. She was on the Martin 404's and Dad flew DC7'S and Connie's then moved on to the DC-8 .They were both based in Miami but when I arrived in 1959 it was the end of Mom's tenure at EAL as in those days married and pregnant were a no, no.

My Uncle was a Captain at EAL and when he retired he was No. 3 on the Seniority list. He flew 727's and was based in Atlanta. After Eastern Dad went on to fly for Japan Airlines on DC-8'S for about 9 years 1966-75 along with a lot of other Eastern Flight Engineers who lost their jobs in the 1963 strike .I can remember going to Idlewild Airport and sitting in the car while Dad walked the picket line.
I think I overdid it, but got scrapbook supplies over time now so I can redo grandpa's pages. I have found a bit of Army stuff, had a hard time finding firefighter themed stuff but got some cute things. There is a lot of travel stuff but not really "pilot" themed. Thing is most of it will be journaling because of the lack of photos. I got a new photo that Clay shared from the yearbook which was very exciting!! Thank you! I am waiting for his Army info from my mom Debbie which will be an awesome addition!! His DC said Korean War but I am not sure about that because the time frame. I think Hawaiʻi was his only base because my grandma met him there & then they went back to Florida, where he was from, when he separated from the Army. Eventually I will write out some of the wonderful stories his friends have shared. I am keeping his memory alive for my child & all his great grandchildren./
"Eastern Beat The Pants Off Pin"

Don Gagnon I sure do. I believe it was the summer of 1963 when Eastern beat the pants off of Delta in Atlanta for most passenger boardings. It was the month of July. I still have my pin ...

Ken Donaldson Excellent, Don ! I didn't work for Eastern - my dad did. My recollection (I would have been 9 at the time) was "Let's Beat the Pants off Delta". Thanks for filling in the details ! :-)

Don Gagnon Ken, we have a program coming up on The EAL Radio Show of Eastern kids or “Brats” as they call it. Would you like to call in and tell us about your growing up in an Eastern household? Www.EAL RadioShow.com _____________________________________

Dorothy Gagnon:  Ken, please join us in March for our program Eastern Brats Il. Write me at [email protected]

Laurie T Christian Christian:

Hello everyone, I was hired in July of 1979, based in MIA, then after 3yrs I transferred to EWR... Until our demise in 1991.

I will forever love EAL, it was my home away from home.


Chuck N Jill Kohn shared his first post. February 12 at 1:24pm

Hello fellow EAL employees. Thank you for letting me join your group!
I worked in CHIRR from 1978-1988..best years of my life! Forever Eastern!


Richard Eric Carlson, February 2

Station Managers September 1989. Apparently I lined them out if they had transferred or retired. If anyone knows the location or FB contact please post.

Richard Eric Carlson


Larry Wendland 02-05-18

I'm a Navy brat and my dad put in 20 years in the Navy and retired in 1959 and then put in 20 years at Eastern. I put in 23 1/2 yrs ('66-'89) with Eastern. That made my kids Eastern brats and now my daughter is a Flight Attendant for United. The tradition goes on.  It gets in your blood.


Bob Moore Hey Neil, I checked out the EAL Radio Website  Just let me know have to upload the video.


Bob Moore 11:31am Dec 13

Hey Neal, More than happy to share the video on your website. Not much of a story. I had just purchased the camera as my son was being born later that month. Someone commented on the video and provided me the FO's name (Joe Pomponio). I reached out via Facebook to Joe but, no response as yet. Just thought it would be nice that the pilots could have a video of them working back in the day.


Russell Sykes     11:40am Dec 13

Bob & Neal. That is Joe Pompano but I''m not real sure if that is Clay Faulkner. Clay and I were new hire classmates in Dec 6, 1965. I don't recall Clay having a bald spot on the back of his head. The voice sounds like him though.


Kenneth Jensen       5:21pm Dec 13

AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


 Amanda Morgan 5:34pm Dec 13

I remember when I had a 30 hour layover in Daytona. I was commuting from St. Augustine, FL but based in Atlanta. The Captain would let me sit in the cockpit for takeoff (wow...no restrictions back in the day!) And I would point out my home on Anastasia Island as we flew over. Oh those were the days!!!


Kenneth Jensen       5:39pm Dec 13

Great experience!


Original Post

Bob Moore 6:16 pm Dec. 10 Eastern Airlines A300 (N205EA) MIA take off. Back in the day as an F/A, I held a turn-around trip that was MIA-FLL-JFK-MIA (September 3rd 1986). We would ferry the flight from MIA to FLL to re-position the aircraft. I just purchased a new video camera (5lbs.) for my son’s birth and thought I would try it out and video the MIA to FLL ferry leg.The Captain allowed me to jump-seat however, I don’t remember the pilot’s names. (Maybe someone could identify the pilots and let them know) The video is about 20 minutes long and for some reason, I do not have the landing into FLL. Eastern Airlines A300 (N205EA) Mia take off.


I worked for almost 20 years. I started as Lead Agent and promoted to Assistant Manager. I worked for a total of 4 years...07-07-69 was my employment date. Then to MIA front end flight crews.

I again was Assistant Manager and I worked for 3+ years. Then my father got terminal lung cancer.


John Keiser‎ to Eastern Airlines, November 7 at 7:51am 

I can't remember the date, but it was 84-86ish, I worked for United at the time. I was in Gravely Park at DCA plane spotting when I saw the almost accident between and EA 727 and a Helicopter. The copter was in the wrong and crossed the path of a rolling take off an EAL flight which was just about rotating. The pilot aborted, and did an incredible job of getting the flight stopped off the runway and almost in the Potomac. He amazingly turned the aircraft right after leaving the runway to utilized more ground or he would have been in the water.

I'll never forget it, he really did a great job and I've always wanted to let people know that, but we didn't have Internet at the time. I believe David Hartman of Good Morning America was on-board I heard. So, whoever you are Captain, GREAT JOB !!!

September 15, 2017, Neal Rec’d this E-mail from Steve Kindrick:

I was an Eastern Airlines Reservations Agent till 1991 and then continued with Continental Airlines until both my wife and I got downsized. I have sent you a friend request. I am going to be very depressed if the New Eastern disappears.

I am already depressed to see Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey become a footnote in history. Unfortunately when Mr Wegel was forced out of EAL, I am afraid the writing was on the wall. It is sad because I really think there is a spot for a legacy Carrier to return. The Old seating, pitch, free baggage and meals on flights, yes at a higher rate, but all up front with no hidden surcharges. Real employees answering the phones with the dedication we had at the old EAL.
From: Charlie Green
To: [email protected]
Subject: New Eastern Group
Date: Sat 09-02-2017 06:17 PM

I understand someone bought the new Eastern. Will it retain it's name ?

Charlie Greene

E.A.L. # 33714 April 1 1968 in MIA thru the shut down. The best 21 years of my

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