Former EAL Captain Patrick Glenn passed away at the age of 93 on January 26. 2017. He was born in Paducah, Kentucky on October 14, 1923 to Ruth and James H. Ware, and attended grade school and high school in Metropolis and Herrin, IL. He and his beloved wife Fran of 58 years, moved to Hinsdale to raise their family in 1959. Frances Glen preceded his death and passed in 2010.  He remained a resident of Hinsdale for nearly 60 years until his passing.

His Eastern years (1946-1983) were some of his very best memories. He was first based out of MIA, then MDW, then ORD for many years. Just before retirement when he was flying the new A300's, he was based out of NY for two years.

“Pat” as he was known to family and friends, began his career in the Naval Air Corps where he was a fighter pilot and flight trainer during WW2. Although he had planned on a navy career, he was persuaded by an Eastern Airlines recruiter to accept a job as a commercial pilot instead. He started flying with Eastern on his 23rd birthday (straight out of the Navy). However, a true patriot, he continued to fly one weekend a month in the Navy Reserves for his first 15 years with Eastern.

He flew for Eastern Airlines for 37 years, logging tens of thousands of hours of flight time, and millions of miles. He was initially based in Miami, but spent the majority of his career in Chicago (Midway then O’Hare), with a brief stint in NY.  He quickly moved up the ranks at Eastern and was promoted to Captain. Over the course of his career he was licensed to fly 24 different jet aircraft.  Pat flew his last flight on his 60th birthday (mandatory retirement at the time).

To this day, those who flew with “Captain Pat” still recall his kind easy-going nature and his quick-witted and entertaining sense of humor with his crews, passengers, and friends. Everyone who knew him from childhood until his recent passing described him as a “true gentleman.” Even in the last week of his life, the nurses who attended him repeatedly commented on how kind, gracious, appreciative, and gentlemanly he was with all of them.

Together with his wife, he was a lifelong gardener and served as the Treasurer of the Western Chicagoland Rose Society. He took great joy in their extensive and much-loved gardens. He was also long-time supporter of the First United Methodist Church of Hinsdale. 

He is survived by his two daughters Renee Glenn of Nevada City, CA and Brenda Strom of Alexandria, VA; his cousin Jane Randolf of Dekalb, IL, and his loving caregiver and “adopted daughter,” Adrienne Staron of Countryside, IL. Services were held at the Adolf Funeral Home 7000 S. Madison St. Willowbrook. Interment at Oak Brook, IL.

If you knew him, or know any of his friends, Renee Glenn is asking to please spread the word.  She knows he would want her to say thank you to all of you for the wonderful years he spent working with many of you.

Renee Glenn and the family sends their thanks to the wonderful Eastern family. Even after all these years, the bonds are still amazing.

Howard Meuche, Director of Business Division for the EAL Radio Show Broadcast passed away, January 5, 2016. Howard was well-known to all of the Eastern Airline Listeners as one of their Host as well as being the best friend of the Producer, Captain Everett Neal Holland. Howard has been a dear friend to the Hosts of the EAL Radio Show and will surely be missed by all of the Eastern family.

Howard was the President of Universal Scientific, which is one of the largest manufacturers of printed circuit boards in the mid-west. He has an exceptional background and for the past 18 years Howard used his impressive background and the advantages it offered, and was instrumental in the sale of over 100 small and large businesses. In addition, Howard also performed appraisals for small Midwestern banks involving loan qualifications.


Howard graduated from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute with a Chemical Engineering degree and later received a Masters of Sciences Degree from Seton Hall University in Business Management.


He has held various top management positions, including companies that manufacture electronic products ranging from radio tubes and relays to printed circuit boards used in many products.


Howard is an inventor and has some 12 patents to his credit and has written various technical papers for the institute of Printed Circuits. He is retired, devoting his time to charitable work, along with his hobbies of fishing and writing short stores.

Howard’s latest book is “All The Stories 4” (From Here and There) which is a potpourri of stories written over a period of time about the places Howard and his wife, Lou, have been, as well as situations that Howard found himself in during his travels. There are a few autobiographical stories about growing up and stories about family situations, as well as some about individuals that Howard has known. It also encompasses quite a few stories about his unique business experiences.

Howard resided until his death, with his wife Lou, and their cat, Maxi; in a Retirement Community in Jacksonville, FL.

Jim Graybill was born in Mason County Kentucky in 1933 and all he ever wanted to do was to fly. He grew up in Shelbyville where he washed airplanes at the grass strip to earn money for flying lessons. He soloed at age 16 from Bluegrass Airport. After Shelbyville High School, he attended Parks College, University of St. Louis studying Aeronautical Engineering.

When he graduated from the University of Kentucky, with his BS in Aeronautical Engineering, he joined the United States Marine Corps, hoping to fly but fate intervened and Jim found himself training other Marines as a Drill Instructor at Paris Island, SC. This ability was something that was needed during the Korean Conflict and soon he found himself on the battlefield where he received a Purple Heart and a battlefield commission as Captain.

Once out of the military, Jim worked as a flight instructor at Dick Bomer's Flying Service on Bluegrass Field and Dick Mulloy's Kentucky Flying Service at Bowman Field in Louisville. An airline slot opened and Jim found himself working for Eastern Airlines starting in 1961. During his career Jim has logged more than 33,000 hours flying a variety of aircraft including the Martin-404; Convair CV-440; Lockheed L-188, L-1011, L-1049G; Douglas DC-7, DC-9; Boeing B-720, B-727, B-737, B-747, B-757, B-767; Gulfstream G-IV, G-IV SP, plus numerous light single and twin-engine aircraft. Jim is Captain rated on the Boeing B-727, B-757, B-767, DC-9, L-188. He is also an FAA Pilot Examiner and check airman on Boeing B-727, B-757, B-767 and Gulfstream G-IV.

Jim retired from Eastern Air Lines in 1989, after the strike, and continued to work as a pilot in Amsterdam flying a B-757 for Air Holland. Back to the states, he joined FlightSafety Incorporated, Savannah, GA, and American Trans Air Airlines in Minneapolis, MN. Jim has written recurrent pilot examination guides for all G-IV instructors, examiners and check airmen. He participated in writing the syllabus for initial and recurrent G-IV students.

His ratings include Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, Airplane Multi-engine Land. Instructor ratings: CFI, CFII, MEI; Type Ratings: L-188, B-727, B-757, B-767, DC-9, and G-IV. FE Certificate: Reciprocating Engine Powered Aircraft, Turbo-prop and Turbo-jet Powered Aircraft; Commercial Pilot Privileges: Airplane, Single-engine Land. He attended classes at NASA in Cockpit Resource Management.

In January 2006 he retired from FlightSafety International, Savannah, GA and returned to Kentucky with his wife, Beverlee. He is an active volunteer with the Aviation Museum of Kentucky as a docent. He is also an avid collector of Eastern Airlines memorabilia. His house is literally a museum honoring the once proud airline.

Captain James "Jim" Graybill

We just received the below information on Funeral Services for Captain Jim Graybill from Mrs. Beverlee Graybill, his widow...


Jim Holder



The funeral service for Captain James L. Graybill, who died March 8, 2016, will be held on April 8, 2016.


The service and burial will be at 11:00 am that day in the Georgia National Cemetery in Canton, GA. You can Google the cemetery for driving directions. We are asked to arrive at 10:30 to assemble our group.


Jim and I would be so proud to have Jim's Eastern pilots and others who loved Eastern Airlines as much as he did attend this short ceremony. It will be with full military honors provided by The Department of Georgia Marine Corps League.


Jim's stepson, Major John Andrew Forrest (ret), is in charge of all of the funeral preparations - the cremation, obtaining the wooden urn that looks like the box Jim made for the Graybill family bible and it is a fitting resting place for his remains.


John Forrest is my only child and he has been a great help to me in this sad time. Victoria-Lynn Amanda Forrest, my granddaughter and John Andrew Forrest, Jr. my grandson will be here to honor their Step Grandfather, the only Grandpa they have ever known. And there was great love shared with them.


Thank you for sending this message out to the Eastern Members.


You can reply to me, Beverlee Graybill, wife, at or call me at 678-909-5549.