Vito Borrelli retired from Eastern Air Lines on July 1, 1987, with 20 years of service and continues the Eastern Airlines Retiree Association, “EARA” and is the organization that is preserving the Spirit of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker and The Great Silver Fleet alive and well through this organization.


EARA was founded in 1984 originally by John DeRose, with headquarters at 700 South Royal Boulevard in Miami Springs, in the Eastern Financial Federal Credit Union building. There were almost 20,000 Eastern Airlines Retirees at that time, and originally the membership was $15.00 for one year ($25 for two years). John DeRose began EARA to support all the Eastern Retirees with their benefits.


In January 1989, John DeRose approached Vito Borrelli to join EARA as a Communication Liaison. Vito at that time was working at Teledyne after the demise of Eastern Airlines. When John DeRose died in 1996, Vito Borrelli became President, and held the position from July 1996 through May 2001.

He continues on today as Vice President of EARA. Vito vowed to continue John’s work and his greatest achievements were to gain Retiree Benefits and Privileges for the Retiree to travel, which was one of the cherished benefits lost with the demise of Eastern. As EARA's travel consultant Vito has secured arrangements with many airlines, and continues to seek more.


Vito is committed to do his utmost for the benefit of Eastern's retirees and has never faltered in his commitment. So on behalf of the Eastern Family, we commend him highly for keeping The Spirit of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker alive…