Buen día para todos(as).


Nuestro próximo desayuno será el Sábado 4 de febrero en el restaurante Clip de Félix Cuevas esquina con San Francisco a partir de las 9:30.


Aprovecho para acompañar abajo esta invitación,  abierta a todos(as) , para afiliarse a www.EalRadioShow.com si les interesa.

En el desayuno lo comentaremos con quienes asistan.  

Bonito Febrero entre amores y amistades.


Raul A. Aubert




Good day to all.

Our next breakfast will be on Saturday, February 4 in the restaurant Clip of Felix Cuevas corner with San Francisco from 9:30.

I take this opportunity to accompany this invitation, open to all, to join www.EalRadioShow.com if you are interested.

At breakfast we will comment with those who attend.

Nice February between loves and friends.

EAL Radio Latino introduces Raul Aubert, former employee EAL, Mexico and now the President of the EARA Mexico City Chapter.

A few photos of some paintings done by Raul's friend, Victor Primo Vega and are from his collection. Mr. Victor Primo Vega, former Eastern employee in Acapulco and México and is a great water color Mexican Painter. He now is a member of the Mexico City Chapter.

The first one was dedicated to Raul's daughter, Marie Shantal and the other, if he remembers correctly is the very first one that Raul acquired from Victor.

Members, please note that the prints below are Copy Write protected by the painter and we requested that you do not copy any of the photos or PowerPoint presentation.

Thank You.

Quand La Nuit and The Alphabets PowerPoint
(Copy Write Protected)