January 22nd, 2021

To all my Radio Show, Eastern Family and friends:

Been so busy these past few days and then have my computer to crash and Gary to crash his airplane with 4 people on board is too much.  I was keeping Gary's "Miracle on the Gulf" (of Mexico) Breaking News for tomorrow's radio show, but will tell you guys now.  He and his wife along with Diane's cousin and a CFI Instructor took off from Marathon Friday January 22nd a little after noon, climbed to 5,500 feet cruising altitude enroute via over water to FMY.  About 20 minutes into the flight the engine quit.  Gary was flying and set the Piper Saratoga PA-32 aircraft to glide while he and CFI worked on restarting.  IT did not restart and they made it close to land but not close enough. He ditched into about 15 feet of water about one mile off the coast of Everglades National Park.  You can see the tail of the aircraft sticking up out of the water by going to your browser and looking for Piper PA-32 Saratoga ditch into Gulf of Mexico January 22, 2021.  

Now the "Miracle on the Gulf" comes from the airmanship, calmness, coolness and collected ability of my brother flying the aircraft down and the eventual ditching.  With my many thousands of hours, I doubt I could have accomplished what Gary did in saving all on board with only a few bruises.  As many of you know, they own a beautiful home on the water in Marathon, which he flies from their home in Ft. Myers almost weekly. He ALWAYS makes everyone put on and wear inflatable life vests over water. This was the case on this day.  Well, it paid off, as they all were in the water for about 10 minutes when rescued by the Coast Guard.    

Now, as to Gary's airmanship - skill - in flying his aircraft.  While the CFI worked on trying to restart the engine, Gary focused on flying the airplane.  If you look at the profile of the flight as tracked by "FlightTracker" you will see the entire flight traced out. At 300 feet off the water the airspeed was 93 mph.  That's when his airmanship really kicked in.  He held the aircraft off the water as long as possible then pulled the yoke back into his chest. He told me all he could see at that point was blue sky.  He felt the tail of the aircraft hit the water first "BANG< BANG< BANG" then the main landing gear hit and then the nose wheel.  In my opinion a "PERFECT DITCHING." In the water, he immediately set about getting everyone out on the wing and into the water. He pulled inflation cords of each persons vest as they left the aircraft. His own, he pulled last.  They were in the water for only about ten minutes when the Coast Guard came to the rescue.  

In telling this story, I can only be filled with pride in what my "little" brother accomplished January 22nd, 2021 and the "Miracle on the Gulf."  I have given him a new honorary title - "CAPTAIN."

Captain Neal Holland
Proud Brother of Gary Murphy

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Our sincere gratitude is extended to the former EARA President Michael Zall, who was so kind to donate 20 copies of the coffee-table book “Wings of Man”, as a way of raising donations so we could keep ongoing the financial support for the continuance of the EAL Radio Program and the Legacy of Eastern Airlines. 

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