The 21st Interline Luncheon;

Saturday February 29th 2020 at:

The Club at the Strand

5840 Strand Blvd

Naples, Fl 34110

Social time 11:00 Lunch 12:00

Cost $45 

May contact Jane Kolczun 239.245.8173


If you hear of anyone else with a bi wing or sea plane would appreciate you having them contact me.

Thank you for your time,

Gail Phillippi Archer


Dear Janice,

Neal Holland and the entire team of Hosts wish you the best as you undertake the position of International
Silverliners President.

We look forward to a great relationship with you and extend you our aissistance in anyway. Should you require us to help you and the Silverliners achieve their new membership goal, we too offer you time on our show for any program, please let us know.

Dear Pat.

A congratulations and thank you is extended from the EAL Radio Show to you as the former President, for you dedication to keeping the Eastern Silverliners ongoing during your tenure. Great job!

Neal Holland and the entire team of Hosts wish you the best of luck as the International Silverliners President. We look forward to a wonderful relationship with you and the Silverliners, and offer you time on our show for any program that you and the Silverliners wish to present.

Our congratulation too, is extended to the former International President, Ms. Conni Kerrigan for her leadership, time and effort she gave during her tenure.

2018-2020 International Officers

President - Janice (Wilgus) Henry

Thursday, May 17, 2018
Proudly Honors
The Silverliners and “Life After Eastern”

The Silverliners International President, Conni Leaf Kerrigan has another Silverliners program designed to entertain you with the EAL Radio Show Episode 366, Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 11:00 A.M. EDT. The broadcast will take place onsite at the Silverliners Convention at the Wyndham Grand Hotel at Harborside in beautiful Jupiter, Florida…and as the Silverliners say, “The Margaritaville State of the Mind Convention and Party. The convention dates are Tuesday, May 15 to Friday, May 18, 2018, but the broadcast will be on location on May 17th, 2018.


Each one of these wonderful former Eastern Flight Attendants project enthusiasm and the spirit of our former airlines…and as we quote Captain Eddie Rickenbacker who said, “his girls were the silver lining of any dark cloud”. They are too, as you’ll hear during our interviews that we carry out.


The Silverliners  attend the convention from different locations across the country. Those that work, all have different environments unlike the former positions at Eastern Airline (although some of them still are FAs at other airlines) and will give us their insights on the wonderful EAL memories they share and more of their “Life After Eastern”.


Please join us Thursday, May 17, 2018 to welcome the Silverliners' participation and hear them speak to us onsite as they celebrate their 64 Year Anniversary in 2018. Plan to listen in as we leave the gate at 11:00 A.M. EDT. See more on...Silverliners News.

Opening the new JAX chapter was a great success and we are looking forward to the Inaugural Luncheon Sunday for the new HOU chapter!

Now with that behind us we want to concentrate on expanding DTW, ORD, SWF (Naples/Ft Myers), KEYS, MCO, SAN (San Diego) and look at opening new chapters in DFW, PHX, STL, New Jersey, SAV/HHI and anywhere else that has enough interest.

Let me know if any of you are in these areas or know someone who is. SILVERLINERS is open to flight attendants from any airline.

Barbara Bukata

January 27 at 8:08pm · Clearwater

SILVERLINERS are on a roll and expanding their presence nationwide. We are on the move to expand the Chicago, Detroit, San Diego, Keys and Omaha chapters, and we are working on opening new chapters in Jacksonville, Houston and Dallas. If you live in any of these areas or know someone who does and want to join one of the most rewarding airline organizations in the country please respond to this post. We will consider other areas not mentioned if we have a minimum of 5 members. We have opened our membership to other airlines as well. Reconnecting with “old” roommates and friends from a wonderful time in our lives is the most rewarding benefit of membership, while keeping the spirit of our beloved airline alive.

Reminders of Eastern Christmas Past Events 1964 and
Present Day Comment from FaceBook 2017
Detroit Motown Chapter Christmas Flight to the North Pole

Kathie Richards Laper is with Madge McGoorty and Joan Lamborn.

Detroit Motown Chapter had their Flight to the North Pole yesterday! I just had to go and be a part of it! It was well worth every penny I spent on my airline ticket! Hope you enjoy the photos! 

Beverly Gantley LaPointe Thanks for sharing, Kathy! Congrats to the Detroit Motown Chapter...great job!!!

Donna Dunham Stroud So nice to see this still happens. I miss the days when MCO flew to the North Pole. It was such a joy to be a small part of. Thanks for posting!!!!! Love seeing the smiles on the kids faces, it's all because of you. Merry Christmas Detroit!

Anne Moore you all look so festive...what a fun party!!

Silverliners History 1954-2018

Three remarkable women – Carol Montell Harlin, Doris Coughlin Self and Claire Ward Westhafer got together in New York to talk about their "flying days."  They took the steps needed from that meeting to bring about the most unusual organization in the world – The Silverliners.  They met with Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, founder of EAL, who selected the name Silverliners while commenting “his girls were the silverlining of any dark cloud”. The word got out and in December 1954, a meeting was held of former Eastern Air Lines stewardesses who were interested in retaining old and gaining new friendships and raising monies for charitable purposes.

In 1968, the four independent chapters came together (with the help of Eastern) to become the National Silverliners.  This meeting of New York, New Jersey, Miami and Atlanta chapters was held in Atlanta.  In 1974, with the addition of the Mexico City chapter, we became the International Silverliners.  We also welcomed current flight attendants.  Silverliners opened their doors to Associate Members in 1994 giving us the opportunity to welcome those who have helped us so much through the years as well as people who are newly aware of Silverliners to our organization.

As we matured, we found ways for International to keep us even closer by encouraging the chapters to participate in a nationwide endeavor – our Flight to the North Pole. This annual event has brought much joy to challenged and critically ill children and their families.

In 1987, we adopted an International charity, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp (whose champion was actor Paul Newman). We retired our initial pledge to build a cabin for the camp, but continued to provide monetary support for other camp needs.

We have helped raise millions of dollars, spent thousands of hours helping others, worked thousands of hours as volunteers for Eastern and enjoyed each other at chapter meetings and International Meetings and Conventions.

To continue to reach out to new people and bring fresh ideas and ways to share what our Founders envisioned for us are the goals we still embrace.

This year we celebrate our 60th Anniversary.  60 years of fundraising, fun and friendship . . . thanks to Eastern Air Lines, our Founders and each and every member – past and present!  If you are a former EAL flight attendant or employee and if you'd like to join us for our 60th Anniversary celebration in April, please send us an email request at or through the website Contact Us.

Annual International Event Brings Eastern Air Lines Flight Attendants Together


International Officers


President - Conni (Leaf/Foster/Brophy) Kerrigan - DCA/FGC Chapters

Vice President - Janice (Wilgus) Henry - FGC Chapter

Secretary - Adrienne (Collier) Love - FGC Chapter

Treasurer - Patty (Bennis) McLean - PBI Chapter

Magazine Editor - Jan (Fox) Belland - VIL Chapter




Florida Gulf Coast
Florida Keys
Fort Lauderdale
Greater Miami

Motown Nation's Capital
Palm Beach
San Diego
Southwest Florida

The Villages

Jan Gerner, Sylvia Sperry, Judy Twyford, (back) Doris Self and Tina Tina Mistrot Bayne

Ft Lauderdale Silverliners Luncheon

  Hello Eastern Airlines.

The Charlotte Chapter of the Silverliners are offering inside window decals for $5.00.
 Anyone interested in purchasing, please contact Gail Barry Shook, or me.
Thanks, Nancy Stout


The EAL Radio Show welcomes one of our

EAL Flight Attendants, Tina Mistrot Bayne.

Tina added a photo of the Fort Lauderdale Silverliners at their recent meeting at the Runway Restaurant. (See photo below.)

Thank you, Tina.

Fort Lauderdale Silverliners had their get together at the Jet Runway Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Sure had a wonderful time by the happy expressions on each face.

Photo is courtesy of Tina Mistrot Bayne.

From Sonia Ramos Garda (DCA):  please contact her at:

Hi,  I'm a new Silverliner, who joined the Nations Capitol Chapter (DCA) about a year ago.  I flew Eastern from early 1963 through 1964 based in New York.

I am looking for two former roommates: Virginia Perez, originally from San Antonio, Texas and Roberta (Bobby) Fox, originally from Boston, Mass. These are their maiden names. We lived in an apartment in Kew Gardens, New York.

I would also like to find our class photo, from April, 1963. Thanks, Hope you can help.

Best, Sonia (Ramos) Gadra, originally from New York City. 


Jeanne Fitzgerald Smith1968-1970                           

Beverly Bridgers Bennis - 1970-1972                           

Fay Wolfenbarger Flinchum - 1972-1974                      

JoAnn Kingsley Egan - 1974-1976                                

 Billie Gillom Schaeffer - 1976-1978                              

Judy Lockwood Parker - 1978-1980                              

Dorothy Gomolak Nouhan -1980-1982                         

Eleanor Johnson Skipsey - 1982-1984                            Audrey Thieme Feller * - 1984-1986

Lois Jirschele Morton - 1986-1988

Merrill Anners Oberg - 1988-90   

Willie Podesta Young -- 1990-1992

Claudia Tangye Van Veen - 1992-1996

Margo Hall Salyer * - 1996-2000

Conni Leaf Kerrigan - 2000-2004

Kris Karg Ericson - 2004-2008

Marge McCray Robertson - 2008-2012

Patricia Bennis McLean - 2012 - 2016

F/A Olga Hernandez

From Sharon Contreras and Cheryl Swisher: 

Looking for EAL Olga Hernandez

Last night I went to a 70th birthday party for a friend from New York that now owns the property of the Villa Vera Hotel.  You all remember the Villa Vera Hotel.  Lots of memories.


He flew four of his oldest friends in from New York.  They all live in Manhattan.  It was fun meeting and talking with them.  Lots of old stories from the 70's and 80's in Acapulco.


Then the name......Eastern Airlines came up.  One of the men said he had been married to an Eastern Airline Flight Attendant by the name of Olga......and I finished his sentence......Hernandez.  He was so surprised that I had known and flown with her more times than I could count. 


He said he use to pass ride to Acapulco with her many many times for layovers.  Wouldn't it be nice if someone would be able to find pictures of her.  In uniform or on layovers.  If you have any....please email or Facebook them to me.  He will only be here a few days.


He said she passed away several years ago.  They have two grown children.  He still lives in Manhattan. The conversation brought back so many memories......of the good old days both for Eastern and Acapulco. Please ask any of your friends that you just might think might have a picture.  Any names you might not see above.


Thank you......hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.  It is so unseasonably hot right now.  December in Acapulco should never be this hot. the States.....snow snow snow.


Patty McLean, President

Silverliners International



Watch this CLT Silverliners' Video:

Silverliners Officers and Contact Information


Carol Montell Harlin,

Marguerite Cook Crowell

Doris Coughlin Self

Ann DePriest Morton

Claire Ward Westhafer

Madeline Moon Sternberg


President: Patty McLean

Vice President: Barbara Bukata

Treasurer: Lisa Barrett

Secretary: Barbara Reed

Magazine Editor: Conni Kerrigan


Parliamentarian: Jeanne Smith

By-Laws: Janice Henry

REPA: Beverly Bennis

Directory: Conni Kerrigan

Audit: Dorothy Nouhan  

Mr Floyd Hall passes away

It is with sadness to report that Floyd Hall passed away yesterday. Right to the end, he had great recall of events and people involved in matters Eastern. I was last with him Sunday. As he faded in and out of sleep, he apologized for not having a good day, yet he was animated when speaking about some of his old colleagues.

He had a great love for the Eastern Airlines family saying on more than one occasion that his years with Eastern were the best of his career.

May he rest in peace. 

Paul Bousquet

The recent very public emotional meltdown of a JetBlue pilot -- just weeks after an American Airlines flight attendant broke down in front of passengers waiting for take-off -- has many people wondering about the psychological health of pilots and flight attendants. What is going on with the employees in our airline industry? 

As a former Pan Am flight attendant for 20 years, and now a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst for 25 more, I've been writing at length to sound the alarm about the decline of the American airline industry. In particular, I've discussed the traumatic emotional consequences to employees due to the massive changes they've had to endure.

In addition to ensuring the safety of passengers, pilots and flight attendants understand that their major role is to create the illusion of the flight crew's emotional invincibility. In other words, they reinforce the denial of death. This is what I mean by the words "cover-up." On board every aircraft are passengers who wonder how in the world this huge machine can actually fly. Moreover, they depend upon the comfort of knowing they have a fearless and confident crew taking care of them. Not always an easy task for the flight crew.
Having been a flight attendant, I know how psychologically stressful that job can be. Even in the glory days of American aviation, when all employees got to share in the largesse of the industry's perks, the emotional demands of the work could be grueling. Maintaining an outward persona of friendliness, calm, and utter fearlessness for countless hours on end can be very difficult indeed.

Pilots have a particular problem in this arena, especially when it comes to seeking help. Due to antiquated 1940's FAA standards, it's very difficult, if not impossible, to get help for psychological distress. For example, given that statistics show that at least 10% of the population suffers depression at some time in their life -- and I think that number is vastly underestimated -- then what are pilots to do?

In 2010, four anti-depressants were approved by the FAA for pilot use, but he or she must be grounded for at least six months (usually a year), and subjected to constant re-evaluation for the rest of his or her career. I understand the flying public doesn't want to hear or think about this, but restrictive and sometimes punitive measures discourage pilots from seeking the help they need, even for "talk therapy." This creates an atmosphere of shame about needing emotional help, and is paralleled by the shame that so often accompanies combat-related trauma.
Despite the herculean efforts by EAP programs in unions and airlines to get proper help for vulnerable crew members before their behavior explodes into headlines, some people slip through the cracks. I personally would much rather put my life in the hands of a pilot who has received proper psychological treatment than one who suffers silently but has a "clean" record.

A salient factor that has been left out of media reports and pundit observations about the pilot and flight attendant incidents, is that what they have in common was that both employees began ranting about terrorism. In fact, the flight attendant screamed about having a friend killed in the 9/11 terrorist hijacking of an American Airlines plane, as well as about the recent bankruptcy of her company.

When you see airline crews walking across the terminal with their suitcase on wheels, just know that they are also carrying another kind of baggage. There is always the possibility of a hijacking, a bomb on the plane, or unruly and violent passengers on board. Most people who go about their daily lives and work don't have to be hyper-vigilant about terrorists. They have not had friends or colleagues murdered by political/religious extremists. They don't have to imagine ways in which they can protect their own lives and those who depend upon them in the air. Nor are they plagued by nightmares about getting stuck on another continent with no way to get home.

The "cover-up" of their vulnerability by pilots and flight attendants with a facade of emotional invincibility used to be all about the reality of occasional airline catastrophes, but it has now been extended to the nightmare of worldwide terrorism that is often aimed at airlines. Cracks in the "cover-up" are beginning to show.

There are many reasons for that, and one only has to look at the strained relationships between airline management and employees to understand what's happening. Not only are employees feeling attacked from the outside, but they are feeling equally attacked from the inside by their own companies as well. The executive hierarchy of airlines has changed dramatically, and we are long past the glory days of aviation when men like Juan Trippe led the way, and airline employees were all imbued with a passion for flying.

Long-promised wages, benefits, and pensions are being slashed, and flight attendants are increasingly on the front lines of an angry and disgruntled public with no tools to offer the public for passenger comfort. Mergers and takeovers and bankruptcies are forcing airline employees to adapt to a new and unfamiliar workforce in which many feel like the ugly, unwanted step-siblings in a blended family.

And on top of all these issues, there have always been expectable hardships for airline personnel that come with the job, requiring a stable, flexible person who is physically strong. Passengers take this for granted. Working conditions have worsened to the point that along with emotional invincibility, physical invincibility is being demanded as well. Extremely long workdays, constant time changes, irregular schedules, and the feeling that their companies don't have their backs, are wearing down the employees to an extent I have not seen before. After all, no human being ever "gets used to" jet lag, exhaustion, sleepless nights, or the feeling of not being valued.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, similar things are happening to employees in other venerable old companies and industries in the past few years. In the wake of the recent economic turmoil, traditional emphasis on pride in one's company and loyalty to it is being replaced by concern only for profit. This has had a shattering impact on the emotional lives of many people. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the current state of the airline industry. As long as it stays in denial about this massive undermining from within, we're going to see more cracks in the cover-up. Another airline employee succumbing to the pressure, captured on tape and broadcast tonight on your evening news!
This article was sent in by Fran Dowling - Lake City

Eastern's First Air Hostesses - 1932

March, 1932    The newest vocation for women, that of air hostess, is now one year old.  It was begun as an experiment but was declared today to occupy a permanent place in air transportation.  The carefully chosen, smartly uniformed young women fly between the North and South in the comfortable Curtis Condor of Eastern Air Transport.

When this transport line employed girls a year ago to fly as regular members of the crews of its big 18-passenger airliners, it told them not only were they individually on probation but the hostess idea was on probation as well. It would have to prove itself, and the girls would have to show that they could uphold the standards demanded by the company and maintain their round of duties efficiently.

 Since that time the seven flying hostesses have flown and average of 97,142 miles each, and have covered a total of approximately 680,000 miles.  The three senior hostesses, according to the terms of service, have covered more that 100,000 miles each in the year. And all of them declare today that in spite of their many flying miles they are “wild” about their jobs.

 The senior flying hostesses are Miss Beulah Unruh, who flew 138,000 miles in the year; Miss Madeline Moon, who flew 118,000 miles, and Miss Marion Cook, who traveled 108,600 miles. Miss Unruh is a pilot in her own right, holding a limited commercial license. She declares she “likes all kinds of flying whether I do the piloting or not.”  Miss Moon, the daughter of an army chaplain, formerly was an art instructor in the Fort Riley School. More recently she was in charge of the Arts and Crafts Department of a large metropolitan store.  Mis Cook was a school teacher in New Jersey. 

 The girls fly between Newark Airport, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Greensboro, Charlotte, Spartanburg, Greenville, Atlanta, Raleigh, Florence, Charleston, Savannah, and Jacksonville. In addition to the hostesses named, others are Miss Edwina Davis, senior ground hostess stationed at Washington; Miss Rita Bailey, Miss Anne De Priest, Miss Carrie De Priest, Miss Doris Frost, Miss Gertrude Van Hoven, Miss Alice West, Miss Katherine Turner, Miss Helen M. Kymer, and Mrs. Susan Garber. The latter is airport hostess at Richmond, and Miss Turner is stationed in Atlanta.

Children's Christmas Flight to the North Pole.

Silverliners Taking Kids to North Pole

A number of children suffering with life-threatening conditions are getting a chance to visit the North Pole Wednesday.

Madge McGoorty sends this video clip from Detriot FOX News.  Please take a look at what this great Eastern organization does each year - for the past 24 years.  Their dedication and Purpose certainly keeps the Eastern Legacy ahead of all the air carriers.  Thanks, Sliverliners.  

Class of 1960

Bev Bennis - aka:  Mrs Santa Claus


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