The 9th Annual E.A.L. Bulldog Airfreight Reunion will be held Friday, November 2, 2018. The Reunion is complimentary to the fellows and co-workers of the Bulldog Team by the Hostess Arlene Gega, and the Host, Terry Vega. The Reunion is being held at the home of:

Terry & Arlene Gega

9300 E. Calusa Club Drive

Miami, FL 33186

Contact: RSVP, Bob Lewandowski (386) 734-2343 or send  n E-mail to Bob at:

The 7th Annual E.A.L. Bulldog Airfreight Reunion

by Dorothy Cronin Gagnon, Editor


The 7th Annual E.A.L. Bulldog Airfreight Reunion took place at the home of Terry & Arlene Gega on Friday, November 11, 2016. The Reunion is complimentary to the fellows and co-workers of the Bulldog Team by the Hostess Arlene, and the Host, Terry and it was wonderful. They were so gracious and cordial and as usual the EAL camaraderie was fantastic.


This is the 7th Bulldog Reunion that Terry and Bob Lewandowski have been entertaining. Terry takes care of everything as long as Bob does his part, which is to ensure that the Ad is placed ahead of time for the Team to be notified. Bob also receives all the R.S.V.P.’s and the rest is up to Arlene & Terry and they do a spectacular job and extend so much hospitality.


This Reunion was the first one that Don had a chance to go to and we both had a fabulous time. I was met with such a friendly welcome to the EAL family that it was another typical example of how EAL folks take you in as one of them.


The display of food was fabulous and delicious. More than plenty for all of us and plates of left-over were given to all. Everyone was full of excitement and fun.


There is a lot of EAL background here. Terry’s wife though, Arlene Gega worked at National Airlines as an F/A along with Patty Santos who also was an F/A. We’ll forgive them though as they married into EAL!


Terry worked for EAL 10 years as Air Freight Agent Supervisor of Cargo Sales. Don Gagnon worked for him for 2 years. Lanny Armstrong was at EAL 30 years on Ramp Service, and as EAL Int’l. Agent for Air Freight. I met Doug and Gladys Foster and learned that Doug worked for EAL 27 years (Gate Departure Agent and Air Freight). Bob Bessellieu “Bessie” as they called him, worked for EAL for 35 years as Air Freight Supervisor.


Bobby Santos was in MIA for 27 years in Cargo and Ramp Service. Joe Zibelli was there and was an EAL Sr. Instructor in Mgt. Training for 10 yrs, and also a CSR Red Coat Supervisor.

Then I met Bob Willard, a 26 year EAL Gate Agent in the Control Center, (3 years at Baggage & Cargo, Cleveland, OH). Juan Diaz joined us in the living room and began telling me that he worked originally for Pan Am on Ramp Service for a year before he went to Caribair 4 years as Mgr. at the St. Croix station. He was EAL #2 employee when EAL took over Caribair to Puerto Rico Air Freight and Cargo Sales. He was at MIA 35 years and even had a meeting with Frank Bormann! Quite an interesting fellow to speak to and so informative. Floyd Coxe shown in the photo with Bob was a 15 years Dispatcher/Freight Coordinator. It was great speaking to so many EAL people and I finally got to meet Donna Green Heller who also worked with these fellows as an Air Freight Agent for 25 years and then later at Miami Dade Aviation following EAL closure.


I can’t believe how many years these folks worked for EAL. I was shocked when I heard how long Don worked for EAL when I first met him, and now to know so many that have such long term tenure as this EAL Air Freight Reunion team is just wonderful to hear. So many dedicated employees. Just amazing and simply fantastic to hear.


Our thanks to Arlene & Terry Gega for their scrumptious buffet and their amazing hospitality. Also our thanks to the entire Bulldog Team for their friendships. We Love You Eastern!

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