Eastern Memorabilia Items For Sale

                     Eastern Memorabilia For Sale!     

Denise Noe, is a former EAL employee who was the head of Eastern Airlines Inflight Training that some of you may remember. Denise has donated many Historic Memorabilia artifacts from her restaurant, “The Spirit” to keeping the Legacy of Eastern Airlines at The Miami Historical Museum. We thank Denise so much for her contribution to keeping the Legacy of Eastern Airlines so our future generations may know of our history..


Denise has a garage full with hundreds of Eastern Airlines items from airplanes, inflight glasses to the Eastern Airline lettering from the Maintenance Building here in South Florida.

  • EAL posters (over a hundred) 
  • EAL large framed posters (used in EAL Corp offices)
  • EAL playing cards “cases”
  • EAL inflight glasses (all types)
  • Inflight liquor containers (With the small bottles)
  • Inflight meal cart (used on 757)
  • EAL Captain uniform
  • EAL plaques
  • EAL inflight First Aid kits
  • Hundreds of EAL photos
  • Airplane Models (used in EAL Corp offices) These aircraft models are much larger than your typical models.
  • EAL - Boeing supersonic aircraft 6ft + long
  • EAL - DC 8
  • EAL - A300 3ft long
  • EAL - 707
  • National DC-10
  • Pan American - A300 5ft long
  • Many, many more one of a kind item.

Denise mentioned that she wanted to sell these to our Eastern Family rather than donate them, as she has donated so much more to the History Museum. She wants to liquidate these items and would like to find individuals that may be interested in purchasing any of these items and hold onto them for Eastern memories. Call Denise Noe directly at her cell phone: 786-999-9226.

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