Review of the Hall of Fame September 24, 2018, Episode 384
Eastern Executive, John P. Ingle Jr.

All of us in the Eastern Family are once again amazed at how blessed we are, and truly appreciative of how well you planned our EAL Radio Show Hall of Fame. Kudos for your continuous efforts to go the extra mile in every way.


The memories that Sandy and Rusty, John's son and his friends, Skip Booth, and Dr. Warren Brown shared this evening about John were enlightening of the kind of guy that John truly was during his lifetime. The memories were funny and loving and truly heartfelt as we listened to them being shared. The Hall of Fame was wonderful to hear and truly deserving to have John be up there with the rest of the Inductees.


All of us in the Eastern Family are so thankful to John for the immense contributions given us through his efforts. The considerable volume of work that he constantly extended as he took on as President for the Jacksonville Historical Society was another indication of his services for mankind. John was looking down on all of us tonight, and I'm sure he loved all of our efforts to share his memory so honorable.


I especially loved hearing his sons relate their childhood remembrance of their Dad. . Their love for him showed in the way they spoke so lovingly and with much respect. Sandy told us of the time he met Captain Eddie in their home and sitting on his lap once…was exciting. He still sounded as though he was in awe speaking about how he felt in that meeting as a child so small, that was grand to hear. Too, Rusty telling us all about his Dad working from the time he got to work at Eastern and how Rusty shared how much his Dad gave in one day just to serve Eastern to ensure the plane was loaded and set to travel. So many great stories they told. Just shows their fabulous thoughts of how great they admired their father.


John's outstanding record through his entire career is exceptional, as evidenced by his friends Skip and Warren. Their stores were great and they too mentioned their admiration of such a tremendous asset that John was to everyone that he was involved with in his career. How his efforts inspired them to work as hard as John did? Hearing that so inspires us to continue to forge ahead with what we do for Eastern.


There are no words to express our gratitude, Neal for always seeing that someone like John Ingle, who gave so much to the Eastern Family with his love and dedication to keep our Legacy outstanding, is shown and honored for his outstanding person! The fabulous venue for us to give Tribute to John via the EAL Radio Show Hall of Fame is so generous of you and your time. We loved tonight and hearing about your friend and ours, John P. Ingle Jr.


EAL Radio Show Broadcast
Monday, September 24, 2018
          The 5th Annual EAL Hall of Fame

  Honoring Eastern Executive, John P. Ingle Jr.

The EAL Radio Show had a special “Hall of Fame” Award Plaque that we presented to former Eastern Executive, John P. Ingle Jr. on Monday, September 24, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. EDT. This was our 6th Annual EAL Radio Show Hall of Fame.


The EAL Hall of Fame Plaque is given to honorable and noteworthy Eastern members who have been outstanding in their achievements and dedication for Eastern Airlines. The purpose is to honor those that dedicate their lives to keep the Legacy of Eastern Airlines in the hearts and mind now for future generations. We want to preserve and memorialize the outstanding accomplishments of each member that we induct into our Eastern Airlines Radio Show Hall of Fame.

 John was instrumental working with the Florida Aviation Historical Society, Tampa, FL as well as his contributions as a REPA Affiliate member, of articles he wrote as Co-Editor for REPArtee. Captain Neal knows first-hand how John worked tirelessly when he was Editor of REPArtee, as well as the other Eastern activities John contributed to over the years. John, too, was Neal's closest friend.

We honored Admiral John Ingle, a past Admiral during his tenure in the U. S. Navy and former 43-year Eastern Executive. John was a great friend of the Eastern Family and though we prefer to give an award to the recipient in person to thank and congratulate them for their outstanding achievement, unfortunately, John's award was given posthumously with his two sons and friends giving him Kudos. This award extends our deepest gratitude to show that we will never forget John's accomplishments.

We enjoyed September 24 and honoring John. You too can use your computer to hear that Episode if you missed it by going to the Blog Talk website:

John P. Ingle Jr. Biography


John P. Ingle Jr. was born December 17, 1910 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to his parents, Mr. & Mrs. John P. Ingle, Sr. John Jr. as a child growing up was an Eagle Scout, a graduate of the Robert E. Lee High School  and graduated in 1932 with a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Guggenheim School of Aeronautics, Georgia Tech, while receiving a commission as an Ensign in the Naval Reserve.


He was employed in 1932 by Eastern Air Lines, serving Charleston, S.C. and Miami airport, City Sales Office, New York City Ticket Office, and Eastern's Home Office in the General Motors Building. In 1935 he transferred to Jacksonville and worked as an outside Salesman and then a City Sales Manager. In 1939 he married Elizabeth Fleming Hamilton and they had 2 sons, John P. Ingle III and Frank H. Ingle.

John Ingle served for six years in the Naval Reserve and called in 1940 to WWII duty and had a long and distinguished career in naval vessels with the U. S. Navy.  He served gallantly and was an exceptional Naval Officer. John served successively as Commanding Officer of an antisubmarine patrol yacht in the Caribbean and South Atlantic, then two destroyer escort ships in the Pacific, earning two Bronze Star Medals with Combat "V" for specific services cited as heroic and meritorious. He returned to  Eastern Air Lines Jacksonville office as District Sales Manager, N.E. Fla., then Director of Community Relations, East Fl. Promoted in 1970 to District Manager, Sales and Service, Jacksonville International Airport, until retirement in 1975 after 43 years. John received this beautiful Congratulations Award (above photo) on his retirement and 43 years devoted service from his Coworkers and Friends at Eastern.

 While at Eastern, John became President of Jacksonville Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Rotary Club, U.S Navy League local chapters, Florida Public Relations Assn., Travelers Aid Society, and the International Passenger Travel Trade Organization. He was on the Board of Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and active in Aviation and Armed Services Committees. After WWII he continued active in the Naval Reserve, holding administrative offices in two squadrons of the NARTU Weekend Warrior program and Assistant Wing Staff Commander for Logistics for ten years until his retirement in 1959, with the retired rank of Rear Admiral, USNR. 

John Ingle in 1975 focused his interests on local aviation history, becoming an ardent researcher, collector, and writer. As President of the Jacksonville Historical Society, he published his book "Aviation's Earliest Years in Jacksonville, 1878-1935". Some of his book reviews and edited letters were published in the FHS Quarterly. John P. Ingle, Jr. died April 16, 2007 at the age of 96 years old.

John P. Ingle

 The Retired Eastern Pilots Accomplishments:


John P. Ingle was invited to become an Affiliate member of the Retired Eastern Pilots Association, wrote stories published in its quarterly magazine, and regularly attended its annual conventions. He also contributed writings to the quarterly newsletter of the OX-5 Pioneer Pilots, of which he was a Historian Member, and continued his membership in the Association of Naval Aviation and the World Airline Historical Association. In 1988 he was elected to membership in Eastern's (Rickenbacker) Hat in the Ring Hall of Fame by the Board of the 8,500 member Eastern Air Lines Retirees Association, and was a charter member and organizer of its JAX Wings Club Chapter.

o Albums/Memorial
John Ingal January 1949
Neal Holland, Admiral John Ingle & Larry Sapp
John Signing His Book October 25, 2004
Retired USN Admiral John Ingal with Son & Retired USN Captain Ken Eklund and John

John P. Ingle Jr. Book Signing


John's book was sponsored by the Spohrer Wilner Maxwell and Matthews, the law firm in Jacksonville, FL, where Skip  worked at that time. The Jacksonville Historical Society arranged for the publication of 1,500 copies in October 25, 2004 and still has a few copies available for purchase.

John, as President of the Jacksonville Historical Society and Skip (who also was involved later on with the Jacksonville Historical Society as the 2015-2016 President) wanted to re-introduce John's book, "Aviation’s Earliest Years in Jacksonville, 1878-1935", as the book was first published in 1978, and long out of print.

The Jacksonville Historical Society, Jacksonville", FL arranged for the publication of 1,500 copies in 2004 and still has a few of the copies available for purchase.  Below is the contact information for the Jacksonville Historical Society.