Senior Discounts - Days of the Week Table,
Restaurants, Food Markets, Retail Department Stores, Etc.

Discounts Offered to Senior Citzens - See Days of the Week Chart and List of Restaurants, Markets, Etc.

George Jehn, our former Eastern airline Pilot and EAL Radio Show Host graciously sent in a list of senior discounts that may be offered at various places and locations in the United States. We have added the 4-page list and additionaly broke out the ones that identified certain days that these senior discounts are offered.

The list of Senior Discounts may or may not be offered at every store or at different locations, but it is worthwhile to check it out. The discounts are for Restaurants, Food Markets, Retail Department Stores, Airlines, Rental Cars, etc. that may be available to you. Remember, you must ask as sometimes employees don't often know their stores give out discounts to senior citizens. The 4-page list in located in the Members Tab/Members Discounts.

It never hurts to ask!