April 2015 - NEWSLETTER

Posted on twitter at 5:48 PM - 20 Apr 2015 Eastern Air Lines @FlyEastern · US DOT today "tentatively find Eastern is a citizen of the U.S. and is fit, willing, and able to conduct interstate and foreign charter air transportation of persons, property and mail as a U.S. Certificated air carrier..." Eastern Air Lines @FlyEastern · Eastern's second flight attendant class started today. Next pilot class starts May 4.
January 2015 - NEWSLETTER


We all should be happy this coming year as we will see a familiar name in the air once again. The new Eastern Air Lines.  Notice it is in 3 (three) words: Eastern Air Lines.  The beautiful Boeing 737-800 delivered to the company headquartered at the Miami International Airport brought many a tear as she gracefully taxied through the arch spray of water by the fire trucks, December 19th, 2014.  Let's wish them well. 

December 2014 - NEWSLETTER

What a year we had in 2014 !!

And it's not over yet.  Happy New Year to our members now numbering over 800!  We hope you enjoyed the 52 broadcasts we brought to you in 2014. We are now going into our 5th year,  Some told us early in our history we would not last through the year.  With your support and encouragement we now enter 2015 - our 5th year.  Will we make it another year?  Only with your support can we do another 52 broadcasts.  Please tell your friends about the radio show.

Did we accomplish what we set out to do?  You bet we did! And more.  We now have the opportunity to be the booster "ambassadors" for the new Eastern with our EAL Radio Show sponsored "First Flight." This has taken off to a level we never thought would be reached.  A "sold out" aircraft with the prospects of another 150 Eastern family and friends on standby to go in the second aircraft.  We possibly could have as many as 300 Eastern family in SJU to celebrate the new airline. 

Let's all wish a very a very Happy New Year for the new carrier Eastern Air Lines.  Your Hosts of the Radio Show:

Jim Hart
Steve Thompson
Chuck Allbright
Cecile Intriago
George Jehn
Gay Harvey
Jill Cotton
Frank Segnor
Neal Holland

November 2014 - NEWSLETTER


The Radio Show's "First Flight" is moving right along with only a few seats left.  Listen in to our Monday radio shows for the latest updates.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!  May you have a blessed day with your family and loved ones.

"FIRST FLIGHT" is gaining in popularity as word gets out about our proposed flight from MIA to SJU on the New Eastern Air Lines' first charter flight.  We now have one aircraft booked and working on our second.  For more details see the "First Flight" tab on this website's menu bar. 
October 2014 - NEWSLETTER

Final Destination: Disaster the new book about Eastern that has former employees reading this altogether different picture as to what really caused the airline to go under.  You'll be shocked to know the truth as told by its author, George Jehn.  The story of Eastern Flight 980 that crashed into a Bolivian mountain that has never been told will surely cause you to ask the question, WHY?  To purchase the book go to Amazon.com and search the author's name George Jehn.  You'll be glad you did.

New Eastern Air Lines "First Flight"Are you on the list?

Be on the Inaugural Flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Send you name and email to       host@ealradioshow.com   and be on this historic flight with your fellow EAL colleagues and friends.

Our Goal of 150 passengers for the new Eastern "First Flight" has been nearly reached.  If you're not on the list you might want to send email host@ealradioshow.com asap.  
September 2014 - NEWSLETTER

2014 REPA CONVENTION held in Savannah, GA September 2 - 4th. New officers elected to the Association were: Captain J.B. "Bud" Robinson - President; Captain John Steinmetz - Vice President; Captain Jerry Frost - Treasure; Captain Richard "Dick" Burnette - Secretary; Captain Jim Holder - Director at Large

Flight For Control is a book about the airline industry written by Capt. Karen Petitt.  Go to "Good Reads" on this website for details on how to order.  Karen was our radio show guest a few weeks back. 

The Skies of Eastern (The Planes We Flew) was shown during the 2014 REPA Convention. It was produced by Captain Jerry Frost and can be seen by clicking or pasting this URL address. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZf08LE9sDo&list=UUw2aM-SchxkgSOjotV6sCDg  You will be entertained.

August 2014 - NEWSLETTER

Airline Movies will be our topic for the August 4th radio broadcast.  See if any of the ones listed is on your favorite list. President Ed Wegel, President of Eastern Airlines, our guest for the August 18th radio show.  If you cannot tune in to the live broadcast, be sure to pick it up in the Archive of shows.  
July 2014 - NEWSLETTER

Happy July 4th, America !!  It's your 238th Birthday. 

Captain Karlene Petitt, interviewed during our last radio broadcast, Episode 171.  You'll be amazed at the accomplishments of one of America's first female pilots now flying International routes in a Airbus A330 aircraft.  Not only being an accomplished airman, she is an author writing both fiction and non-fiction.  Go to the Home page a click on Episode 171 in the Radio Icon. 

From the Eastern Air Transport, News Wing, 1934 (80 years ago)..... "What is the fastest transcontinental commercial flight?"

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker flew a Douglas ship carrrying express mail, and passengers from Los Angeles to Newark in thirteen hours and five minutes.
FBI Agent Interviewed in the 173rd Episode.  You'll enjoy his real life experiences as the lead investigator of the Lockerbie, Scotland Pan Am Flight 103 disaster.  Go to the Home Page and click on Episode 173 on the radio icon. 

June 2014 - NEWSLETTER

"June is busting out all over......." as the song goes.  We hope you will have a great summer and come here, to this page, for information about what's happening with the Eastern Family.

EARA Newsletter is now published every two months.  We hope you will come here for the in-between issues.  We'll try to have interesting info and facts around and about the Eastern System. 

Radio Shows still remain popular with our listeners, who come from around the world to listen in. During the summer months we have cut our on-air broadcast time to 30 minutes.  The subjects covered primarily are those about Eastern and its family.

EAL Organizations and Chapters will be covered more frequently since the EARA Newsletters are coming to you every two months.  REPA and Silverliners are published every month by these organizations. 
Do you have information about your Group?  We can cover it here on this website and on our weekly broadcasts.  Contact Us for more info regarding submitting your material. 

85 years ago - this month - C.M. Keys bought the entire capital stock of Pitcairn Aviation, Inc

Flight Engineers - the subject of Episode 168.  Great show about Eastern Flight Engineers (Second Officers) and discussion that followed.  Go to the Home Page a click Episode 168.

Peoples Express....  Back in the air again???  Those peanut beige aircraft are taking to the air again.  Learn more by Googling "Peoples Express."  In the air before Eastern????

Chapter and Organizational News.....Now that EARA publications will only be delivered every other month, we hope to fill-in information about the various EAL clubs and chapters.  Please email your news and we will post it on the Radio Show's website. 

March 2014 - NEWSLETTER

Lots happening this month.  Eastern Daylight Savings Time, March 9th. Let's see - spring forward with the hands of the clock.  Your webmaster will be one year older.  Spring begins March 20th.  85 years ago this month Eastern added 5 more cities to its airmail route: Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa/St Petersburg, and Macon. 

Membership of the EAL Radio Show's website now stands at 767.  Invite your friends to join us.

Remember this great workhorse?  Convair Aircraft's answer to Martin 404.  Your Webmaster, Neal first checked out as a new co-pilot on the aircraft with flight training done in MSY and Captain Justin Griener, Instructor pilot.  Truly a memorable aircraft and experience with a true "love affair" with Eastern.
February 2014 - NEWSLETTER

If you're not convinced that Eastern will be ever fly again, you need to listen to Episode 151 and hear first-hand Mr Ed Wegel tell about the exciting announcement just made in the major press and TV media as to the new Eastern Air Lines.  Go to the website home page and click Episode 151 to the the broadcast.

January 2014 - NEWSLETTER

Read the new posting of the Year-by-Year History of Eastern Airlines as recorded by the late Art Furchgott - Eastern Historian.  Go to "EAL History" page and click on Eastern History.

Listen to Episode 149 for a great radio broadcast of Weather and it's affect of airline operations.  

Will this be the year for the "rebirth" of the Great Eastern Airlines?  We hope to be getting an up date from Eastern President, Ed Wegel early this year for an update.

We need your support to keep our show and website online during the coming year.  Any donation would be greatly appreciated. 

See the "NEWS" Page for pic of the new Eastern aircraft and information just released about the airline filing with the DOT and FAA

Let's all have a SAFE, HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS 2014.

Let's all think EASTERN in the air again in 2014!

Let's all listen to the EAL Radio Show in 2014!

Let's all tell someone about the "Radio Voice of Eastern Airlines" in 2014

September 2013 - Newsletter

FRAN DOWLING, of the Lake City, FL EARA Chapter sent the following URL website address that you will find interesting if you are interested in aviation history through the years up to 1982.  Copy or paste the following URL address in your address bar:  http://www.rwf2000.com/ATC/

 August radio shows have been excellent broadcasts by the hosts and the material covered - mainly Eastern Airlines.  Check them out by going to the home page on this site or www.blogtalkradio.com/capteddie and listen to Episodes 126 -129.

August 2013 - Newsletter

Would you like to be a Radio Show Host?

We have a few spots for a female host/cast member on the weekly radio show.  Male host/cast members also considered.   Pay is not to good, but the fun makes up for it.  Hours are great - only 1-hour per week (and that's flexible to meet your schedule).  The reward ??  You get to talk about Eastern and speak to Eastern people.  Contact us on the "Contact Us" page and we'll give you more info.

Two new members join us this month:

Jim Fitzgibbon (ATL) Flt Ops
Dan Healy (LAX) Maintenance 


July 2013 - Newsletter

40 years ago this month the Eastern Family lost its beloved leader - Captain Edward V Rickenbacker
This past Tuesday, July 23rd, 1973 ? 40 years ago, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker passed away while on a visit to Zurich, Switzerland.



ta Airport is presented with beacon.................July, 1933 - 85 years ago

The First National Bank of Atlanta, Georgia recently presented the city with an airway beacon and tower for the Municipal Airport Candler Field.  The beacon is of high intensity and at one time was located on an office building roof in the city. Robert F Maddox, chairman of the executive committee of the bank made the presentation and Mayor James L Key accepted it for the city.  The number of aviation municipal and military officials attending the exercises including Charles H Dolan, Vice President in charge of operations for Eastern Air Transport whose headquarters are at Candler field.


June 2013 - Newsletter

"June is busting out all over......."

Summer has certainly arrived as evidenced by the severe weather in the central United States.  Our prayers are with those that lost so much by these horrific tornadoes and storms.  

Hurricane season has arrived for those mainly on the Atlantic and Gulf Coast areas.  Better prepared than not prepared at all.   Consider early preparations for the safe guard of your family and possessions. 

Plan to join one of the many great organizations representing the employee groups at Eastern.  EARA, REPA, Silverliners are three who would certainly welcome your membership. 

Plan to listen to the news and events of Eastern Airlines over the "radio voice of Eastern Airlines. Plan to take part during the live broadcast.

Do you have an event that you want to get out to your fellow Eastern friends?  Send the info to us via the Contact Page and we will be sure to include it during our live radio broadcasts.

May 2013 - Newsletter

Atlanta Eastern Pilots Annual Picnic & Fly-in.

Well, our Picnic/Fly-in turned out to be just a Picnic, as the rain and clouds kept all our little airplanes in their hangars. Still though we had close to 50 EAL Types and family/friends show up. Coming the furtherest by far were Jim Kenney and John Harris, who drove over, in a downpour, from Alabama!

John Harris and Jim Kenney

Once again we were had the privilege of having our annual event in Mac and Carol McGaughey's hangar at Eagles Landing Airport, located in Williamson, Georgia. It all got started about 11:00 AM when everyone started arriving. As might be expected a lot of old friendships were renewed and some new ones made. Shortly after noon Virgil Tedder asked Lew Rabbitt to give thanks and then we lined up for another great BBQ Dinner, again arranged for by Dick Garner...

Bev Wingate likes what she sees!

After all had dined (with lots of "seconds") Virgil recognized Carol and presented her several items of appreciation, these being one of Jim Whitlock's framed prints (Eastern Convair 440) and a metal Eastern Air Lines plaque. As Carol has an extensive aviation museum in her home she promised these two items will be well displayed. She invited any wishing to do so to visit her home next door after the Picnic was over (many did!).

Virge and Carol

As was the case last year we had a large number of Door Prizes donated by several people. The lucky winners were then drawn via the red tickets each attendee got with their reservation.

Johnny Johnson..... Eastern Tote Bag
Wendy Wingate....... Dick Merrill Book (biography)
Doris Garner...... Packaged Kite (for grandkids?)
Paul Kelley........ Silver Falcons Tote Bag
Bob Burson....... Personalized Tote Bag (donated by Carol McGaughey)
Larry Nichols....... Packaged Kite (for grandkids?)
Bob Drawdy...... Soft airplane pillow
Jim Whitlock....... B-787 Model airplane
Jack Cochran, Jr..... Packaged USA Flag and pole
Pam Davis........ Silver Falcons Bag
Jay Allen........ Silver Falcons car tag frame
Bob Tyler.........  Set of small model airplanes
Jack Cochran, Sr..... Print of Eastern Connie
Don Teel........ Print of Eastern Electra
Clyde Blankenship.... Print of Eastern Convair
Marion Reed........ USA Flag for car window

Jack and his dad proudly display Jack Sr's Whitlock print of an Eastern Connie. Many Thanks to Bob Burson for the photos. Wish I could have used them all!!!!


April 2013 - Newsletter

AirFrance Airbus vs Boeing

Watch this Airbus vs Boeing video to see which aircraft has built in redundancy for safety.  


History of the Air Shuttle..
is the subject of our April 22nd radio show.  If you flew the Shuttle, we want to talk with you on the broadcast.Remember the show starts at 7:00 p.m. EST

If you can identify either
of these two Eastern Captains please contact Bill Hirsch. 


Greatest unsolved mystery in aviation history?

Tune in for Episode 111, on March 8th and you decide.  Remember, the departure time for our shows in at 7:00 p.m. EST  Go to the Home page to "Click In" to the program or www.blogtalkradio.com/capteddie

Sun N Fun - Lakeland, FL

April 7th - 14th was the dates for this year's annual airshow at the Linder Airport in Lakeland, FL.  If you've never been to one, you've missed a great airshow and chance to meet many of your Eastern friends who regularly attend.  Make plans for next year. What a great show about the Eastern Air Shuttle.  If you want the history of this "airline within an airline" you need to listen to Episode 113.   

March 2013 - Newsletter

The Retired Eastern Pilots Scholarship Foundation from Mrs. Ann E. Toth, widow of Captain Joe Toth. There should be other donations of $50.00 from those that have requested names from the old bronze Memorial to be mounted of the small wooden wings made by Capt. Dick Garner.

These are some of the countries listening to us .......
Canada, Germany, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Cote Divoire, United Kingdom, Republic of South Korea, Argentina, Jamaica, Trinidad, Chile, The Philippines, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Panama, Thailand, China, Saudia Arabia, Bahamas, Finland, Greece, Amsterdam, Czech Republic

85 years ago this month...
A Pitcairn Mailwing was the first airplane to clear from the Port of Philadelphia for a foreign port. It was delivered on March 16 to T.J. Tudhope, Squadron Leader of the Canadian Royal Air Force, and will be used in Canada for mapping work and possibly later will be used in air mail service. 


Great pics from the CLT Silverliners group:


"Flying Too Close To The Sun is being acclaimed as a 5-star read.  Here are some comments from readers:

"What a great book. I could not put it down. Mr. Jehn really kept my interest. Can't wait for your next book."  MO
"This deftly well written book is a thrill ride, which takes you on an exciting journey of twists and turns.  The characters are so relatable and real. Seamless superb writing.  The ending an incredible surprise.
A must read for the general public as well as the seasoned aviation enthusiast." SC

February 2013 - Newsletter - Happy Valentine's Day

EAL Mystery Novelist........
will be the focus of our 104th radio broadcast.  Tune in to the interview and ask Captain George Jehn questions concerning writing a mystery novel.  Monday Feb 18th at 7:00 pm EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/capteddie

If Golf is your game....
You'll want to tune in for the radio show's Episode 105 Monday February 25th at 7:00 pm.  History, tips, music, and much more during this broadcast.

Loading the Jukebox..
is our Valentine's Day show. Listen to "Moments to Remember" and other great songs of our past. Call-in with yours.

Battle For Eastern Airlines
Fran Dowling sent this 2-Part video from PBS Frontline about the Battle For Eastern Airlines, It was filmed in 1989.  Approx playing time - 1-hour.

Want to write a novel?
You need to listen to the interview Episode 104 your radio hosts had with George Jehn. George included many tips on how to write, publish and market your book,  A must listen

"If it wasn't on a Spad, we can't have it." Capt Eddie Rickenbacker and many more great sayings and comments by Eastern people on the Historian's Page


Last week's Valentine's Day Broadcast a hit with our listeners.  We thought it went so well that we invite your special song request to be played and dedicated to your someone special.  Just email us your request and we'll play it during our broadcast.

Great Quotes & Quips by Eastern people....
See the "Historian's Page"

Happy New Year - January 2013 - Newsletter

Memory Lane
   was the radio broadcast New Year's Eve.  Your Hosts delivered an outstanding live performance New Year's eve - one that is worth your time listening to the archived Episode 97.


Can anyone help identify this EAL S/O on Connie?

If you want to know about the NEW EASTERN....
you have got to listen to Episode 100.  Mr Ed Wegel gave a wonderful presentation of the State of Eastern Airlines - past, present and future.  And it all sounds exciting.  Go to the Home Page and click on the Radio Icon Episode 100.  You'll be glad you did. 

The New Eastern?
Is this the year we see the Eastern logo once again rise like the mythical Phoenix of old? Let's hope so. The radio show will try to arrange an update interview with Eastern's president, Mr Ed Wegel in a future show. 

Check the "Photo Album" page in the menu bar and shouldn't your album be there?  What a great way to show our Eastern Family of friends your past photos of Eastern days.  Maybe you have some pics taken in the Overhaul Shop, out on the flight line, in the terminal, fueling the airplanes, in the passenger cabin, in the cockpit, or just pics of your favorite Eastern airplanes.  It's easy to do and if you need help just contact us on the "Contact US" page and we'll be happy to walk you through the posting of your favorite pics.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  GO EASTERN ! 

Pat Parker sends a great video for those of us who can identify the 1950's.  Enjoy on the Video Page.

100th Episode of the EAL Radio Show....

Eastern President, Mr. Ed Wegel was the guest of the 100th radio broadcast.  His entire message can be heard by going to the Radio Show Archive.  Don't miss the latest news about Eastern

Your Personal Photo Album.
Why not create your own photo album for your friends to see.  It's easy and you can post as many pics as you wish to display.  Look at the website's Photo Album page for ideas.  If you have problems installing let us know and we'll see if we can help.
The best tails I've ever seen!


Can you help identify these two in a Connie?

December 2012 Newsletter


 Over 148 Aviation Videos Now Playing on the "LINKS" page.  Enjoy. 

 Happy Holidays
Eastern Family

From Your Radio Show Hosts:

   Margaret Barrs, Jim Hart,
Bill Joseph, Steve Thompson, Chuck Allbright,
Jan Bocskai, Howard Meuche, Millie Peery

May your holidays be Merry, Healthy, and Prosperous for the coming NEW YEAR - 2013.

November 2012 Newsletter

REPA Convention...
Hilton Head, SC will be the venue for this year's Convention
Nov. 11th - 14th are the dates.  If you're in the area drop in and we're sure you will find someone you know to talk to.  It's at the Westin Hilton Resort Hotel. 

Need to place pictures on the website?.....

Go to your profile and click on the Photos tab and download your pictures.  You can even arrange them with your favorite picture being the album cover.  It's easy to do and if you have problems call Neal and he will walk you through the steps.  They automatically appear on your member page and on the Photo Album page.


Episode 92 "An FAA Checkride
Even though it's just a skit, it's very realistic in how the rating check ride is conducted. In Episode 93 the flight simulator phase will be the subject of our show.


First Radio Show of November
will be our 90th broadcast.  We are looking forward to another 90.  Would you be interested in joining out host/cast?  Please contact us.

REPA Convention Notes

I just returned (Nov 14th) from the REPA Convention in Hilton Head, SC and at the beautiful Westin Hilton Resort & Spa.Captain Bob Drawdy, REPA President, and his lovely wife (First Lady) Kitty graciously hosted the 42nd Annual Convention.  

Members and Guests enjoyed the many amenities offered by the hotel and were entertained in the Gazebo Room by a great selection of photos and movies put to gether by Captain Jim Gardner, the Convention Chairman. 

Next year's convention will be held in Charleston, SC at the Francis Marion Hotel in September 

October 2012 Newsletter

Photos Tab on Member Profiles We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Photos Tab on Member Profiles! This feature shows the photos that a member has uploaded, right on their profile. It’s a great way to quickly see what a member has added to your site. 

Here's how it works: Click on the "Photo Albums" at the top of the page selection bar. Click on Add (Post) Photos. This will take you to Name of Album. If you want to call it "John & Mary's EAL Photos" (Example) do it in the "New Category" box. Now start uploading and describing your photos. They will appear on the "Photo Albums" page and also in your Member Profile. If someone goes to your member page they can click on "Photos" and see what you have posted.

It's pretty cool as the "yutes" would say.


Conventions & Picnics:
REPA (Pilots) - Nov 11th - 14th
   Hilton Head, SC
EARA (All) Picnic November 9th
   Pimbroke Pines, FL
Details see the Convention Page

Old Time Radio......
The radio crew is presenting old-time radio like we use to listen to when we were younger - at least some of us.  Of course it's all about Eastern as we travel through the decades of EAL history.  Lots of old-time music, news, radio programs, and events are scattered throughout the show.  Episode 86 is about the 1960's and 1970's. Tune in and let us know what you think about the series.

A List of Countries listening....
to our radio broadcasts: Canada, Germany, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Cote Divoire, United Kingdom, Republic of South Korea, Argentina, Jamaica, Trinidad, Chile, The Philippines, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Panama, Thailand, China, Saudia Arabia, Bahamas, Finland, Greece, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Israel, Costa Rica, Lithuania, Taiwan 


"Weird or What"......
This made for TV William Shatner show is available to view on the "Videos" link at the top of the page and has become popular with our members. If you haven't seen it we think you will enjoy the 20 or so minutes. It's about Flight 401.

Wanted!  Flight Attendant Instructor for Flight Attendant Training Academy.  Training taught in Ft Lauderdale and Atlanta.  You must have been in the training department of an air carrier and knowledgeable with the F/A curriculum accepted by the FAA.  You must be living in or near these two cities.  Retired flight attendants encouraged to apply.  Send resume to nealfata@gmail.com

September 2012 Newsletter

William Shatner's "Weird or What? "
Two former Eastern employees, Capt Neal Holland and Flight Attendant Enid Grigg are interviewed for this made for TV's Discovery Channel.  You can see the video of the broadcast minus commercials on this website. Go to the "Videos" Page.  Email us your thoughts.WARNING !  It contains Ghost Stories.

Twitter the NEW Eastern..
Mr Ed Wegel has a great twitter page. Go to @FlyEastern  Ed would love to hear from you.

EAL Old Time Radio.....
EAL Old Time Radio Shows!   Join us for a "trip through the decades."  From excitement to tears! Get ready for the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and into the present.  EAL Old Time Radio takes you through not only events of the period such as the News, Music, Radio & TV commercials, but even what was the popular shows of those days.  Of course we weave into each show what was happening at Eastern Airlines.

A List of Countries listening....
to our radio broadcasts: Canada, Germany, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Cote Divoire, United Kingdom, Republic of South Korea, Argentina, Jamaica, Trinidad, Chile, The Philippines, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Panama, Thailand, China, Saudia Arabia, Bahamas, Finland, Greece, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Israel, Costa Rica.



August Radio Listeners
Our weekly average of listeners to the radio show this month is 1242
We're being heard around the world!

Airline Radio Talk Show..
can be listened to right here on this website.  Just go to the Home Page and click "play" on the right radio icon.  To call-in on the Sunday afternoon show call: 347-996-5541.

August 2012 Newsletter

Check out our baby sister radio show......
We're live on the air every Sunday at 6:30 p.m.   Go to the home page on this website and click to listen. You can listen to any of the previous shows by clicking on the Episode.  We are into our 8th Episode Sunday August 5th. 

Lived or worked in Miami with Eastern?
You'll not want to miss our Monday Radio Show at 7:00 p.m.
All about Eastern in the early days. Gice us a cal and let us know your memories of Miami

Eastern 80 years ago......
Meet your Hostess
Miss Alice West, another of the flying hostesses of Eastern Air. She regularly flies between the North and South in the big multi-engined, radio-equipped Curtis Condors of this company, the largest land planes in regular use in the United States. Miss West has traveled many thousands of miles over this organized airway, and a  considerable number pf air travelers point her out as "my hostess." Her family connections are most interesting, her mother being a direct descendent of John Hancock and a relative of Martha Curtis, wife of George Washington. Her father, who is manager of several of New York's most prominent hotels, including the Oliver Cromwell, Fifth Avenue, Whitehall, Parkside and the Hotel White, is a direct descendant of Lord Cornwallis West. Miss West is a graduate of Rosemont College.

July & August the following joined the EAL Radio Show website:
Jim Mazzarese - FLL; John Ruths - PHL; Tana Thomas - ATL; Ed Helfin - ATL; Debra Owen - DTW; Carlos Rosado Talavere - TPA; Melanie Spanier - MIA; Ed Furmanick - TPA; James Sorrell - TPA; Furman Thomas - TPA; Barbara Bukata - USA; Carlos Rosa - SEA; Gary - SEA; Kerry Meissner - CHIRR; Tom Grant - Ajijic, Mexico

Membership Dues.....
Our new policy for membership is to collect a fee of $10 prior to activating membership. All new subscribers to the website will need to register and pay either online or mail a $10 activation fee.  Current members need not pay this fee. However, we will take donations by going to the Home page and pledging your donation.

Mail Address is:
EAL Radio Show, Inc
145 Hilden Rd.
Suite 115
Ponte Vedra, FL 32081

Margaret Barrs, aka Luanne 

Can you tell us the plane and terminal?  Correct answer receives an Eastern Gift.

Episode 77 - Old Miami

Your hosts and callers had a great time renewing memories of Eastern's southern hub - Miami and surrounding areas. Enjoy the discussion about memories of first training as a new hire. Check it out. It's in the archive - go to Home page of this website and click Episode 77.


Weird or What.....
We have posted the TV film that was done late last year by the William Shatner Group for the Discovery broadcast of the show Weird or What.  I think you will find it interesting to watch.  As you recall, they asked for our help to locate anyone having seen the "ghost of 401."  The result can be viewed here on the website.

"The New Voice of our Airline"
is our new tagline.  Timely information to the Eastern Family on a daily "need to know" basis.  News and information provided immediately !!  On the web and on the radio.



July 2012 Newsletter

740 EAL Radio Show Members....
We're still growing our membership at the rate of about 5 per week.  No other airline offers its retirees a means to "Keep in Touch" the way the Eastern Family does.  EARA, REPA, Silverliners, EAL Radio Show and Website - all there to offer news, events, contacts, memories, fellowship, conventions, and so much more. Tell your friends and lets reach 1000 before the end of 2012.  

We will once again be
"America's favorite way to fly"   Hopefully the famous Eastern logo will proudly be seen in the skies over Miami.  If President of Eastern Ed Wegel has anything to do with it the dream of thousands of us will become a reality. 

Your Radio Hosts are now on the website...
View their pic and bio on the Radio Hosts page. We hope two others will have their pic and bio on the page next week.

Airline Humor
just posted a great Jeppesen Approach Chart for the Hudson Landing.  It was sent to us by Bill Hirsch.  Take a look at it  



These are some of the countries listening to us .......
Canada, Germany, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Cote Divoire, United Kingdom, Republic of South Korea, Argentina, Jamaica, Trinidad, Chile, The Philippines, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Panama, Thailand, China, Saudia Arabia, Bahamas, Finland, Greece, Amsterdam, Czech Republic

June 2012 Newsletter

80 Years Ago this month...
    Merrill Edwards, Miami attorney, staged a race with a regular northbound passenger plane flying from Miami to Atlanta over the Eastern Air Transport system recently. By winning the race he kept an urgent engagement in Atlanta, according to the Daytona Beach, Fla., New Journal.
    Mr. Edwards had booked passage but arrived at the airport too late to board the craft, it was said.  He saw it winging swiftly away in the distance. He immediately hired a fast Cessna monoplane, piloted by George Gibson of the Curtis-Wright Flying Service, and set off in pursuit. Meantime field officials at Miami wired ahead and had the passenger plane held on the ground a few minutes at Daytona Beach.  Mr. Edwards roared in, landed, changed planes and was off again at 125 miles per hour in the airliner. 

For a better look at this pic go to the Guess Who page. 
Episode 71 features
     Mr. Ed Wegel, the President of Eastern Airlines.  He will fill us in on where they are in getting Eastern back in the air.  Call in with your questions.  Monday, June 25th at 7:00 p.m.  Go to blogtalkradio.com/capteddie 

Twenty new members last month.......
   We're still growing and adding about 5 members every week.  We still need your help in telling your Eastern friends and co-workers about the website and radio show. As you probably know EARA has deactivated it's website and we hope you will turn to our website for the latest news until your monthly EARA Newspaper is received.  Lots of news and videos to enjoy and stories about your friends.  The radio show is now listened to in nearly 50 countries around the world. 

President of Eastern Airlines   Mr. Ed Wegel made a favorable impression to many during his appearance on the radio broadcast Monday, June 25th.  We had nearly 2000 people listen to the show and will not be surprised if that number does not grow by those ;istening to the archived Episode 71.  One comment from Fran Dowling was: "Hey Neal, How can I help get EAL back in the air and our..hearts.....volunteer, buy stocks, let us know please. This is all so exciting....." 

May 2012 Newsletter

80 years ago this month......... 

     First Flight Passenger tells his reactions.....

John Gill, treasurer of the Gill Leather Company, of Salem, Mass flew from Atlanta to Miami via Eastern Air Transport on his first air trip recently. He made notes of his observations on the flight, and presented them to the air transport company.  They are a valuable description of the reactions of a first-flight passenger, and the company is having each of its pilots and traffic men read them
   "One other thing I would like to mention," wrote Mr. Gill, "is the extraordinary care taken by Eastern Air Transport for the safety and comfort of its passengers, and above all the courteous and gentlemanly attention given by their pilots and staff wherever encountered."

    First Air Trip Is Delightful..... writes Alice B. Sanger.  My First Flight! Such a Flight, and such a thrill!!  Both were continuous from Washington to Miami, 1023 miles in 9 hours and 20 minutes flying time, through and over clouds, around forest fires, as well as the sights of the wide countryside spread out like irregular patch-work quilts, with the various streams looking like trees without foliage; automobiles were just little creeping things and people were specks.  Then the coast line of Florida spread along with its waves of white threads, and Miami came all too soon.

    Air Pockets......Many people still believe that vacuums in the air exist, and that when a plane bumps slightly as it flies along it has "struck and air pocket." But nature abhors a vacuu, and such a thing as an air pocket is a physical impossibility.  In the early days of flying, these "bumps" were thought to be holes in the air, but it now is known that the slight irregularities of flight are caused by vertical air currents or horizontal gusts.  

Sunrise At Eastern.... the movie
is now playing on the Videos page on this website.


   You've got to listen to Episode 64........

Broadcast this past Monday.  Our skit of starting a New Eastern Airlines was fun delivering, but the unexpected call from Mt Ed Wegel, the President of Eastern Airlines, Inc held the attention of the hosts and listeners glued to all the latest about the company. Mr Wegel told us about where the new start-up is today and what has happened in the past two years. He basically laid out some of their business plan and it brought about optimism that we will once again see the Eastern brand in the air.  Tune in the archived Episode 64 to see where the initial intended routes Eastern will be serving. 

A host-led tribute to Mr Floyd Hall   Mr Floyd D. Hall,  April 4, 1916 to April 26, 2012 followed our chat with Ed Wegel.  

April 2012 Newsletter

Mr Floyd Hall Passes Away...

It is with sadness to report that Floyd Hall passed away yesterday. Right to the end, he had great recall of events and people involved in matters Eastern. I was last with him Sunday. As he faded in and out of sleep, he apologized for not having a good day, yet he was animated when speaking about some of his old colleagues. He had a great love for the Eastern Airlines family saying on more than one occasion that his years with Eastern were the best of his career.

May he rest in peace. 

Paul Bousquet

Floyd Halls 96th Birthday

April 4th is Mr Floyd Hall's 96th birthday.  He would love to receive a birthday card from his Eastern Family. Send cards and letters to:

Mr Floyd Hall
Mertens House
73 River Street
Woodstock, VT 05091

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Actually, we will broadcast a Toll Free number during the broadcast that you can use to call in live.  


Tributes to Floyd Hall...

If you would like to pay tribute to Mr Floyd Hall, please go to the Logbook Page on this site and enter your thoughts.

 We're starting up Eastern Airlines..........

Enjoy our radio show Episode 64 when an Investor decides to fund the New Eastern. Hear how its done!  Monday April 30th at 7:00 p.m. 

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Titan of Airline Industry Celebrates 96th Birthday

Please enjoy the article by our newest Radio Show member, Paul Bousquet. It's a tribute to Mr Floud Hall.  Go to the Hall of Fame page on this website under the picture of Mr. Hall

We've just lost our third engine......

the L-1011 Captain tells Miami Center.  Listen in this Monday April 23rd to a remarkable flight that would have been a major tragedy for Eastern Airlines, until Fate deals another card to the crew and passengers. You'll be spell bound as you listen to the crew and controllers try to prevent disaster. 

700th Member is now on-board......

Welcome, Bill Woods to the Website and Radio Show.  You're the 700th Member.  Bill's profile reads that he was a pilot with Eastern based in Boston and NYC.  Those knowing Bill might want to drop him a note through the website.

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March 2012 Newsletter

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Airline Graveyard
If you missed the radio show March 12th you need to listen to the Episode 59 now in the archive.  Great information about airlines no longer flying our skies.


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March 5th Radio Show.... 
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You've got to see this Video:

Sent to us from Manny Comacho. Copy and paste this URL address into your browser and you will really be entertained by the old gal - DC7B and it's famouse pilots. GO: (Paste this address) http://marcbrecy.perco.neuf.fr/DC&.html

February 2012 Newsletter


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February, 1932 - 80 years ago..
[The] Present flying equipment of Eastern Air Transport consists of six Curtiss Condors of 18-passenger capacity each; 14 Curtiss Kingbirds of 6-passenger capacity each; 1 Ford Tri-motor of 14-passenger capacity; 18 Pitcairn Mailwings of 500-pound capacity each and five Pitcairn Mailwings of 1,000-pound capacity each.

New Members:
Welcome to our new members who have joined our Radio Club:

New Video Now Playing

on the website's Video page.  It's an historical clip of the very first use of the Sperry Autopilot.  Clip submitted by Bill Hirsch.

Episode 53 has to be one of our best.
Go to the Radio Show Archive and listen to a great interview with My Charlie Simons during our flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas.

Mr Floyd Hall would like to hear from you
He is approaching 96 this year and lives in Vermont.  You may send him a card at this address:

Mr. Floyd Hall
Mertens House
73 River Street
Woodstock, VT 05091

Note:  We would like to know who the Eastern group taking Mr Hall a Dell Laptop computer recently.  What a generous thing to do.  He was so happy to receive it.

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Episode 54 will be broadcast Monday, February 6th at 7:00 pm. We're operating a charter flight to Mexico City and you'll want to be on board.

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February, 1932 - 80 years ago..
Ownership..... Eastern Air Transport is owned by North American Aviation, an operating company, which also owns the Sperry Gyroscope Co., B/J Aircraft Co., Ford Instrument Co., and other companies allied with aviation. As a member of this group Eastern Air Transport has some of the finest engineering and manufacturing ability at its service.

Mr. Floyd Hall on the Radio Show

Our Episode 56 on the air Monda, Feb 20th - Presidents Day is appropriate for us to interview Mr Floyd Hall, Eastern's Prescient for 15 years.

Tune in and Call in at 7:00 p.m.  

January 2012 Newsletter

 Eastern Air Transport 80 years ago:

January, 1932 – Twelve years ago (Captain) Walter Shaffer, passenger pilot for Eastern Air Transport, was carrying passengers aloft on short hops for $1-a-minute. This month he heard from a woman who flew with him then and who still has the receipt bearing his signature - $15 for 15 minutes.  She congratulated him for making good in aviation and remarked that she little realized that some day one would be able to fly from New York to Washington for less than she paid for a flight around a field.

January, 1932 – Eastern Air Transport now has nearly 500 people on its payrolls, and owns 46 airplanes ranging from the huge deluxe 18-passenger Curtiss Condors to the small, swift, night-flying airmail craft.
            The Eastern territory has given remarkable support to air transport facilities, and with the greatest year in its history drawing to a close is every reason for optimism for 1932.

January, 1932 – Miss Doris Frost, hostess on an Eastern Air Transport airliner, played a game of bridge with a princess recently without realizing her partner’s status.  The princess from Italy, was a passenger on the craft from New York to Washington.

January, 1932 – Twelve young women fly as hostesses in planes of Eastern Air Transport – and over 5,000 aspirants are after their jobs.  It seems to Mrs. Anne Porter Cullum, who heads the hostess department, that every young lady between 21 and 25 years of age wants to become a flying hostess, and those that haven’t written letters have gotten some influential person to write or phone.
            “There used to be an idea that women wouldn’t fly in airplanes,” said Mrs. Cullum, “but I know better. When we first began, the hostess service letters were received from all over the United States. Recently we put our big Condors on the long runs to Atlanta and Jacksonville, and now a new flood of applications are coming in. Of course, I add new hostesses from time to time, but I couldn’t begin to care for all who apply.”
            Mrs. Cullum, whose office is in the passenger terminal of Eastern Air Transport at Newark Airport, declared that most of the applicants seemed to be of the type desired by the airline.  And most of them, too, seem to realize that there is considerable work in connection with the job, but are willing to work for the privilege of flying.


  Our January 2nd Radio Show
is called "Some Inner Goodness"
We hope you enjoy this true story and will share your thoughts for the coming year. Please join us by tuning in on the Home page of this site Monday, January 2nd at 7:00 p.m.  This will be our 50th production. 

Eastern's First Rooftop Airmail Service

Bill Hirsch, sent us a color video of Eastern's first rooftop airmail flight. Captain John Miller is at the controls from the top of the U.S. Postal Service building to the Camden Airport. Take time to see this great (quality) video. Thanks, Bill

Vice President of American Airlines
interviewed on our show January 9th.  You can listen to the archived show Episode 51 to hear a very interesting chat with Capt Warren RauHofer

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"Your gift to the Eastern family and its progeny, is priceless. Thank you so much"

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Angel Flight Video

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EALRS Directors

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Mr. Charlie Simons

Monday, January 30th, Episode 53 we interview Mr. Charlie Simons, VP Finance, Eastern Airlines. Join us and Charlie for our flight to Las Vegas of Flight 53. We push from the Gate at 7:00 p.m.


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